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What We Do

With over 20 years of specialized lease purchase experience, we are dedicated to helping people, who for one reason or another cannot currently qualify for a home loan. Our goal is to help our clients qualify for a home loan in 1-3 years.

Our only requirement is that there be a “light at the end of the financial tunnel.” We will evaluate your personal situation to determine if your situation can be improved in the 1-3 year timeframe. Our mission is to provide outstanding value and deliver a quality, unmatched product. Our Service, quality, reliability, integrity, and attention to detail are vital to our mission.

How We Help

Our program helps people get their lives back on track. With the credit repair experts available to assist with the rebuilding process, most of our clients can have their credit repaired in less than 2 years. We have built over 500 homes in Nothern Kentucky. With our knowledge and expertise, your dedication and commitment to the program, you will build your financial future, and own your own home.

Our approval process can get you approved in less than 5 days - typically in less than 48 hours. Our paperwork is clear and easy to understand, and we strive to offer a fair price and reasonable monthly payments to our clients.

Other Divisions

Hillcrest Homes, Inc. (Parent Company)
A Home Solutions Company

Specializes in solving real estate problems and helping to correct almost any financial situation at no cost to you! Our goal is to put power back in your hands. Solutions are available for families who need to sell their house fast, people who are looking for a great deal on a home, and folks who are looking for a great way to invest in real estate.

Consult 'n Build

Helps people save money building their own home. Clients are given information and resources to act as their own general contractor while being mentored by a home building expert, and saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Hillcrest Home Builders

Offers affordable, custom-built homes to fit your family and your lifestyle. Why buy someone else's idea of their dream home when you can build your own?

Turn Key, Worry-Free

This division provides investors with a turn key, worry-free solution for the management of their real estate.


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